Electronic Cigarette: The Faster Remedy to Quit Smoking

Smoking is a habit that not only tampers with your overall health, but also fleeces you of your money. It is due to this reason why millions of smokers worldwide are seeking for ways on how they can quit this terrible habit. Although there may be several ways that one can adopt to quit smoking, electronic cigarettes have proven to be the most effective. Some of the smoking remedies in use today alongside e-cigs include nicotine gums, nicotine patches and inhalers. Why are electronic cigarettes the most preferred remedy? To begin with, an electronic cigarette is a battery powered device containing e liquid nicotine in a tiny cartridge and looks like the normal cigarettes. It also contains an atomizer (vaporizes nicotine when inhaled) and a sensor (senses when one attempts to suck in hence activating the atomizer into action). An e-cig is lightweight and almost the same weight as tobacco cigarettes. Its main source of power is the rechargeable battery. Many people are turning into using these electronic cigarettes as they are easy to manage, affordable and healthy too. A single electronic cigarette stick lasts as long as 3 traditional cigarettes. It also costs much lesser than the traditional cigarette costs. This makes it budget friendly and affordable to all. In addition to this, one is allowed to use the electronic cigarette almost anywhere for as long as he/she isn’t invading anyone’s privacy. The only by products produced from using an e-cig is water vapor and air. This is unlike traditional cigarettes that give out more than 19 different toxic gases and tar that affect people near you. There are many other health benefits you get from using an electronic cigarette. For instance, e-cigs produce nicotine directed to the lungs alone. No other harmful toxic gases, smoke or tar are exposed to ones lungs, meaning e-cigs are much safer. Another notable benefit in using electronic cigarettes is the fact that it doesn’t support secondary smoking. No smoke is emitted from using an e-cigs, as only water vapor is produced. If you are the only smoker in the family, an e-cig reduces any chances of the other members becoming secondary smokers from your habit. E-cigs have helped many people quit smoking completely. There are medicated electronic cigarettes manufactured purposely for nicotine addicts. Quitting smoking is a gradual process that requires patience when using e-cigs. The physician first gives you an e-cig with a certain nicotine percentages, and then continues to lower its percentage with each refill. Each refill contains menthol that helps quench cigarette thirst with every puff. This goes on until you are smoking 0% of nicotine in your e-cig and your body doesn’t notice it. This may continue for as long as 6 months though depending on your level of addiction. Electronic cigarettes have been acknowledged socially as they don’t produce any odor nor do they invade ones privacy. Someone can be smoking an e-cig beside you and you may not notice it until you see him/her vaping. These cigarettes get rid of that distinctive and annoying tobacco smell that most smokers have.

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